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Are you suspecting an invisible spyware, backdoor or rootkit is running in your PC and you could
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18 September 2009

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A majority of the vulnerabilities in your computer can be attributed to hidden processes being carried out by spyware, malware, viruses, and other such malicious contents on your PC. These elements invade your PC causing immense harm, which even sometime may lead to system crash, data theft, and other such disasters. However, finding these processes is quite difficult as they usually are hidden and can’t be detected even with task manager. In order to find these elusive entities, an application known as Hidden Finder 1.5.5 is there to assist you. It’s an advanced security utility capable of detecting and killing hidden drivers, as well as processes. The program even allows exploring information about suspicious processes over Google to help you decide whether or not to kill the process.

The Hidden Finder 1.5.5 works to detect entire processes and functioning over your PC, along with the disastrous hidden ones. Immediately after installing, execute the application instantly detects and displays the entire processes and drivers working on your PC. With the System Explorer associated with left pane over interface, you’re provided two tabs Process and Driver. After analyzing and detecting the entire processes and drivers, the program shows the count of total and hidden processes and drivers within these tabs. Selecting one, you’d be shown the related content on right from where the hidden processes are marked that you can kill process, kill and remove, check properties, and explore its info over Google. Finding the relevant info about the process can help decide whether it’s a threat or not, and what action you should take against it. The entire processes and drivers are listed along with their details such as name, path, description, company, etc. The utility is tailored to function over Windows 2000 Professional, Server, and XP.

Using the Hidden Finder 1.5.5 application, it becomes trouble-free to find and remove the suspicious processes and drivers on your PC, which are placed by several viruses, spyware, and malicious content. Owing to the effective and credible feature-range added with fantastic and incredible functioning, the program has deservingly been assigned with 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

HiddenFinder is an advanced security utility which can detect and kill hidden processes and drivers. Hidden processes and drivers can be the result of sophisticated virus or spyware attack. Recent research shows more and more spyware, virus, rootkit and backdoor attacks are being facilitated by these hidden viral and Trojan processes which can hijack your system, act as a back door to bring in even more spyware and viruses, or worse turn your computer into a slave zombie machine or malicious mail - server under the control of a remote computer. HiddenFinder shows all running processes and driver including hidden process which can be killed instantly. The termination of hidden process immediately stops a major portion of the Trojan or viral software attack. Properties and online google search of the process and driver, are also available by right clicking.
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Hidden Finder
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